Inquiring Minds- Answers You Might Be Seeking

  1. Does my child have to be toilet trained? 

    No, but your child must be in pull-ups and able to sit on the toilet.

  2. Do you take infants? 

    No, we are licensed for 2s, 3s, and 4s.

  3. Do you offer hot meals? 

    No. Parents must provide a lunch that is “ready-to-serve”. Hot foods can be sent in a thermos.  Available each day for a $5 fee is a variety of Lunchables with fruit and drink.

  4. Do you accept “drop-ins”?  

    No. We only offer a full day program.

  5. Are you affiliated with a church? 

    Yes. Our facility is located in The Tabernacle Church of Laurel, a multi-cultural non denominational Christian church. The Tabernacle Learning Center is operated under the direction of the Educational Director for The Tabernacle Church, Mrs. Marge Martin and Dr. Manon Gurley,  Senior Pastor of The Tabernacle Church.

  6. Do you have a kindergarten program? 

    No, we are not licensed for kindergarten. However, when children need an advanced program, our teachers have access to kindergarten materials.

  7. How long is the rest time? 

    The rest period is approximately two and half hours for the 2s, two hours for the 3s, and one and a  half hours for the 4s.

  8. What curriculum do you follow? 

    The two year olds use The Complete Resource Book for Toddlers and Twos by Pam Schiller.

    Children in our three-year-old classes use Robert-Leslie Publishing’s Just for Threes Curriculum.  This full-year Standards-based integrated curriculum is a State of Maryland approved curriculum.  Children develop important readiness skills in all learning domains while nurturing the child and  encouraging cognitive, physical, and emotional growth. Teachers also use the Toddler’s Bible by  V. Gilbert Beers to develop knowledge of God’s word and our Christian faith. Children receive in struction in literacy, oral language, handwriting, math, social studies, science, health, fine art, so cial and emotional, phonological awareness, and alphabet knowledge.

    Our pre-kindergarten classrooms use the award-winning InvestiGator Club Pre-K Curriculum. This  Maryland approved curriculum is aligned with the Maryland Common Core State Curriculum  Framework. This integrated curriculum is organized into ten critical domains of learning: language  development, literacy, mathematics, science, creative arts, social and emotional development, approaches to learning, physical health and development, social studies, and technology. This pro gram also includes a Christian curriculum, Investigate God’s World, which includes 32 weeks of  instruction. Children will also be hearing the Bible read in sequence from The Preschoolers’ Bible by Beers.

  9. Are your teachers certified? 

    Yes. All teachers are certified as required by the Office of Child Care.

  10. What is the teacher/child ratio? 

    Age Two: 1 to 6, Age Three: 1 to 10, Age Four: 1 to 10

  11. Can I pay by credit card? 

    Yes. We accept all major credit cards, checks, or cash.

  12. Do you have a student school supply list? 

    No. The materials and supplies fee covers the school supplies used at TLC.

  13. What does the “materials & supplies fee” cover? 

    All instructional materials, including art supplies, that are used in the classrooms.

  14. What is the rate for a two year old? 

    Our rate is the same for all ages—$225 per week, a one-time registration fee of $75, and a yearly  materials and supplies fee of $180.

  15. How often is tuition paid? 

    The weekly tuition fee is due each week by close of business on Tuesday.

  16. Do we still have to pay for days when my child is not present? 

    Yes. The weekly tuition fee is due each week, regardless of whether your child has missed or will  miss days during the week for sickness, inclement weather, holidays, or family vacations.

  17. Do you accept vouchers? 

    Yes. We also offer discounts for active duty military personnel, EMTs, police, fire, and educators.